Home Deck & Patio Repair Services

Slab Masters can help keep your outdoor living space looking it’s best, year round!

One of the ways that a lot of people can add value to their home is by adding a deck or patio. Over the years, the elements can be harsh, & reverse the investment. While having a deck or patio can be a wonderful addition for reading a book, entertaining guests with a BBQ cookout, or hosting your family reunion or graduation, unfortunately the space is completely exposed to the brutal winters of North Eastern Ohio. For these events, Slab Masters deck & patio repair professionals offer years of experience to recover it’s once fresh look.

Some of the more common problems that plague home decks & patios can include:

  • Loose, warped, cracked, or rotten wood boards
  • Loose, warped, cracked, Handrails are unstable, & unreliable
  • Support posts are aged, weak, or ugly

Slab Masters can fix or replace any of these, & more. Feel free to give us a call, & we will happily come out to inspect the damage, offer suggestions, & perform any repairs necessary. Let us bring back the vibrant deck & patio making the area is stable, safe, and beautiful again. Additionally we can repair any of your deck & patio fixtures, including any fire pits, built-in BBQ fixtures, large floor space sitting areas, & anything more!

Perhaps it is just time for a replacement Deck or Patio?

With enough neglectful years, your deck could be beyond just a simple repair. Should your situation require structural repair, or need major fixes, our professionals can construct an entirely brand new deck or patio. In the event of simply a few repairs or replacing the entire deck & patio, going with Slab Masters offers the confidence that we will do everything to ensure your outdoor living space will last you & your family for years to come.

Give us a call today, speak with a professional from Slab Masters! (330) 310 1241

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