Driveway Repair and Maintenance Cost and Service – Slabmasters of Ohio

Concrete leveling is a procedure that corrects an uneven concrete surface by altering the foundation that the it sits upon. It is a less expensive alternative to having replacement concrete poured, and is commonly performed at both private homes and small businesses.

Driveway Mudjacking – Slabmasters of Ohio

The common cause of driveway cracks and potholes is deterioration and erosion from underneath of the concrete pads. Over time the concrete slabs will begin to settle into the created space below. Slabmasters of Ohio will repair your cracked and broken driveway using mudjacking by introducing holes and precisely pumping material in order to lift the concrete back to the original required height. For years Slabmasters of Ohio has provided this service, preventing further damage to walls, repairing foundation from prior settling, water damage, or ice during the harsh North Eastern Ohio winters.

Driveway Repair and Maintenance Cost and Service

On Site Repair Time – Slabmasters of Ohio

Providing both residential and commercial services, most jobs can be completed in less than one day. Once completed, it is expected that one does not drive or park on the repaired driveway for at least four to five days, however walking traffic is generally permitted. In the event of concrete pad slopping, or if there is a gap under your garage door, these are early signs that your driveway is in need of mudjacking repair. This service will fix the problem quickly and affordably.